Does your company have dozens, if not hundreds, of employees supporting WordPress every day? Are they using WP-CLI to its fullest potential?

No, they probably aren’t, meaning they’re working far less efficiently than they could be. This is why you need runcommand, brought to you by the maintainer of WP-CLI. runcommand is the first of its kind, blending enterprise support and custom development to effectively maintain the infrastructure your WordPress-based business depends on.

Is your support team spending hours when they could be spending minutes?

If it’s a repeatable process, then it can be scripted. If it isn’t yet scripted, then your team is spending too much time doing it. And this applies to any task your team might come across — migrations, updates, debugging, performance profiling, reporting, and so on.

runcommand helps you identify the fastest way to do anything with WordPress.

With runcommand’s unique support plus development offering, your use of WP-CLI is accelerated. Work with the maintainer of WP-CLI to identify the ways in which a little bit of WP-CLI will have a huge impact on your business.

Do you waste precious resources managing custom WordPress infrastructure in-house?

Has your development team already written a series of scripts for managing WordPress installations? Are they spending hours maintaining code integral to your business, but offering no true value?

runcommand frees your team from the burden of maintaining boring infrastructure.

Working with runcommand frees your development team to focus on the product roadmap that differentiates you from your competitors. When we identify some new potential use of WP-CLI, we’ll add it to runcommand’s roadmap, and you’ll get what you need without having to allocate the resources for it.

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