Assign featured images to posts that support thumbnails.

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wp assign-featured-images [--attachment=<attachment>] [--only-missing] [--dry-run]

WARNING: This command will irrevocably change your database. Please
make sure to wp db export --tables=wp_postmeta before running.

Default behavior is to randomly assign attachments as featured images
to all posts of post types that support thumbnails.

WXR import get mangled and only some of the posts in your dev environment
have featured images? Use --only-missing to only replace featured
images on posts where the existing value is missing or invalid.


	Assign a specified attachment. Defaults to randomly-selected attachments.

	Only replace featured images where existing value is missing or invalid.

	Test the operation without performing database alterations.


Installing this package requires WP-CLI v0.23.0 or greater. Update to the latest stable release with wp cli update.

Once you’ve done so, you can install this package with wp package install runcommand/assign-featured-images.


This WP-CLI package is free for anyone to use. Support, including usage questions and feature requests, is available to paying runcommand customers.

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runcommand customers can also email [email protected] for private support.