Find a specific string in the database.

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wp db ack <search> [<tables>...] [--network] [--all-tables-with-prefix] [--all-tables] [--before_context=<num>] [--after_context=<num>]

Like ack, but for your WordPress database.
Searches through all or a selection of database tables for a given
string. Outputs colorized references to the string.

Example of search for 'wordpress-development'

Defaults to searching through all tables registered to $wpdb. On
multisite, this default is limited to the tables for the current site.


	String to search for.

	One or more tables to search through for the string.

	Search through all the tables registered to $wpdb in a multisite

	Search through all tables that match the registered table prefix, even
	if not registered on $wpdb. On one hand, sometimes plugins use tables
	without registering them to $wpdb. On another hand, this could return
	tables you don't expect.

	Search through ALL tables in the database, regardless of the prefix,
	and even if not registered on $wpdb. Overrides --network and

	Number of characters to display before the match (for large blobs).
	default: 40

	Number of characters to display after the match (for large blobs).
	default: 40


# Search through database for the 'wordpress-develop' string
$ wp db ack wordpress-develop


Installing this package requires WP-CLI v0.23.0 or greater. Update to the latest stable release with wp cli update.

Once you’ve done so, you can install this package with wp package install runcommand/db-ack.


This WP-CLI package is free for anyone to use. Support, including usage questions and feature requests, is available to paying runcommand customers.

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runcommand customers can also email [email protected] for private support.