Sideload embedded images, and update post content references.

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wp media sideload --domain=<domain> [--post_type=<post-type>] [--verbose]

Searches through the post_content field for images hosted on remote domains,
downloads those it finds into the Media Library, and updates the reference
in the post_content field.

In more real terms, this command can help "fix" all post references to
<img src="" /> by downloading the image into
the Media Library, and updating the post_content to instead use
<img src="" />.


	Specify the domain to sideload images from, because you don't want to sideload images you've already imported.

	Only sideload images embedded in the post_content of a specific post type.

	Show more information about the process on STDOUT.


Installing this package requires WP-CLI v0.23.0 or greater. Update to the latest stable release with wp cli update.

Once you’ve done so, you can install this package with wp package install runcommand/media-sideload.


This WP-CLI package is free for anyone to use. Support, including usage questions and feature requests, is available to paying runcommand customers.

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runcommand customers can also email [email protected] for private support.